6 top tips for your Educate Awards entry

Getting your key achievements across on your award entry in a clear and compelling way can be easier said than done.

With the Educate Awards entry deadline just two weeks away, we’ve compiled a list of top tips to make your entry shine.

6 top tips ea17


1. First impressions count.

Make your entry easy to read and use a word document format (this ensures your entry opens on all computers!). We would advise drafting your entry offline before you’re ready to upload. And remember to stick to the 750 word limit!

2. Pick the right category.

Does your project fit the criteria? Browse our 21 Award categories and really inspect the criteria and what the judges are looking for. Remember you want to choose the right category to really celebrate your success.

3. Evidence your claims.

Be sure to include supporting material to really showcase what you’ve achieved. This should include relevant examples of impact/outcomes and detailed descriptions on what your school has done to merit the Award.

4. Think about your audience.

Context is key! Remember, our judging panel might not be familiar with your school or project, so explain it well and don’t make assumptions. Get someone else to read through your entry to check everything makes sense!

5. Be Creative.

To get around the tricky word limit, use photos, testimonials and other visuals to bring your entry to life! The judges love hearing from different people involved in the project, whether that’s pupils, teachers or members of the community.

6. Think TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More!)

Get your colleagues involved to give you valuable information and feedback to make your entry as compelling as possible. If you’re not sure which category to go for, why not bring it up at a staff meeting and discuss it as a team?

For full details of all 21 award categories, click here or head to the online entry form.