Communication remains key 

A recruitment agency recently revealed the must-have soft skills employers are looking for following the pandemic and the working from home arrangements.  

Debut’s research listed communication, management and organisation as the top three must have skill sets with initiative, teamwork, passion and enthusiasm following closely behind.   

It is these soft skills that can set an individual apart and the PR and design agency arm of CPMM Media Group, are firm believers that communication is a key trait to possess.  

Communication is defined as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behaviour. This can be done through verbal exchanges, writing, visuals or non-verbal through body language, gestures, pitch of voice and tone. All of these types of communication are essential soft skills which are vital for a successful career.  

Developing this skill starts from an early age. In the classroom, children must be encouraged to initiate and engage in conversation, whilst building a student’s active listening skills can help ensure that they will succeed in the workplace and strengthen the relationships around them.  

Collaborative problem solving with other classmates is a great example of effective communication. Later in life, they will no doubt be expected to solve problems in their career and so by having achieved this skill it will increase productivity in business and enhance teamwork.  

By strengthening the communication skills of students, it will help to improve employment rates after graduation. Luckily, communication skills are something that can be taught, practiced, and constantly improved upon.  

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