A golden year for David M Robinson

2019 marks a special year for David M Robinson (DMR) as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

We take a look at how DMR went from a small Liverpool workshop to establishing a network of showrooms across England.

Founded in 1969, David M Robinson began to perfect his trade as the city reverberated to the iconic sound of The Beatles.

It was here that David created his first design – a piece that would go on to win the DeBeers Diamonds International Award; cited as the ‘Academy Awards’ of the jewellery industry!

This design talent blossomed into today’s widely respected jewellery design business and DMR now employ more in house goldsmiths than any other retailer in the North of England.

It has also established a network of showrooms across the North West of England, as well as London’s Canary Wharf.

A golden year for David M RobinsonTo this day, David Robinson trains everyone who works at the company, to think about the story of each jewellery item.

From that small workshop in 1960s Liverpool, design and trust was at the heart of DMR’s thinking. And fifty years on, it still is.

It is these values of creativity and integrity that drew DMR to support the Educate Awards and help us celebrate the importance of arts in schools.

“Fifty years after DMR was founded in a small Liverpool workshop, we can really appreciate the importance of creativity in education,” says DMR’s press and content manager, Jamie McFadden.

“As a creative business, it is a pleasure for us to be able to support The Educate Awards category for Outstanding Arts in a Primary School and we are thrilled to support the awards as we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year.”

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