Not got a job for September? Don’t panic!

The Educate Awards title sponsor Connex Education are the industry leaders in education recruitment, offering teaching and teaching assistant jobs on a temporary basis across the country.

In this blog, Connex Education’s commercial manager Mark Ashmore shares his top tips for NQT’s looking for supply work.

Many NQT’s will go straight from University into a permanent role, but what if you haven’t secured a job or what if you aren’t ready to commit to a school or a particular area? Each year thousands of NQT’s turn to supply teaching, either as a stepping stone to a permanent role or as a temporary career choice to broaden their experience.

If you are considering supply teaching there are a 5 tips to ensure you get off to a great start:

Be honest at the job interview

Any reputable agency will meet you face-to-face for an interview/registration. This is your opportunity to be honest about your abilities, preferences and what you want. The more honest you are the better the agency will be able to match you with suitable schools and the happier both parties will be and the more work you will get. Simple!

Be ready

Supply teaching is often short notice absence cover. So be up and ready for that call first thing, those NQT’s able to quickly respond to bookings soon become the first person an agency will call.

Be prepared

Always carry your DBS certificate with you to assignments, more and more schools are asking for them. Without it you may be turned away from a school. And always have some resources with you for lessons, you never know when you might need them.

Be flexible

About location, salary, subject, year group…everything, the more flexible you can be the more your phone will ring, the broader your experience will be and the more you will benefit. And never judge a school by someone else’s experience!

Check your phone at lunch

Lunchtime is when agencies will often be trying to reach you, don’t miss out on work by not checking your phone!

Working as a Supply Teacher can be rewarding in lots of way, make sure you work smart to make the most of it and you won’t look back.

If you are looking for supply work now, or in the future, or know someone who is then Connex Education would love to hear from you.

Mark Ashmore
Commercial Manager at Connex Education