Q&A with Simon ‘Rossie’ Ross!

The team at the Educate Awards recently caught up with this year’s host Simon ‘Rossie’ Ross, to find out about his new show on Greatest Hits Radio, as well as looking back at his school days and finding out what he loves most about the awards.

Host announced for this year’s Educate Awards!


Hi Rossie, firstly we are very excited to have you hosting the Educate Awards for the third year running! What do you look forward to most about the evening?

From the moment I arrive at the Liverpool Cathedral, the sound of the performers at the entrance reminds me of what a great event it is year after year.

What was your highlight of 2018’s event?

Last year was a truly amazing night and I’m not sure I could pick one highlight! The student performances were absolutely fantastic, the way the cathedral was decorated and of course it was wonderful to see all the teachers and staff have a really good, fun night which they richly deserved.

What did you love most about being at school?

Ahhhhh, me and school! I wasn’t a star pupil but I always got on well with the teachers. I knew the line to keep between cheek and respect!

Who was your favourite teacher and why?

Mr Fitzsimmons my Science teacher – he was a lovely, lovely man

What was your favourite subject and why?

English and Science – my last set of exams got 100% in both.

Who was your favourite childhood singer or band?

Duran Duran by a million miles! I loved the 80’s.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you were a grown up?

A Policeman or Professional Boxer.

How did you get into radio?

Started out Dj’ing in Northern Ireland in bars, clubs and discos while at college, I’m a chef by trade but hung up my chef’s apron in 1991 to work in in-store Radio Top-shop and Radio HMV in London.

You’re now presenting the breakfast show on Greatest Hits Radio, what can we expect from your show?

As well as the Greatest Hits on the planet I keep the chat light hearted nothing too serious, I tend to bypass the doom and gloom it’s my job to put a smile on your face.

What do you love most about radio?

As much as I do the same thing every day every show is different in various ways. And the music – I think it’s clear how much I enjoy what I play.

Name 3 of your all-time top 10 songs

ELO – Last Train To London

Blondie – Dreaming

Roxy Music – Oh Yeah

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A tough one, but I’d have to say The Hurricane by Bob Dylan.

Do you have any rituals which you must do before you start a show?

Rise two hours before the show so I’m fully awake for 6am. One pint of warm lemon water the minute I wake up followed by a strong black coffee then I go to work.

What do you spend time doing when not on air?

Try to train at least 4 times a week, spend time with my wife Emma and daughter Nancy. I enjoy eating out and a few hours in my local pub.

What’s your most treasured possession?

I won’t say Emma and Nancy because they’re way more important than possessions. I guess my passport. I don’t live a flash lifestyle so most of my spare money goes on travel and holidays.