Study, learn and teach at LJMU

BA Hons Learning, Development and Support at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is the ideal preparation for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in primary or early years education, with students being able to complete their degree while still working full time in an educational setting.

Schools Direct Programme, The Heath School, 2015


Classes take place on Saturdays so that students can continue to work during the week, and electronic learning materials mean they can study at their own pace and in their own time.

The degree programme is suitable for those working in all phases of education and there is a focus on Special Educational Needs (SEN), as well as the emotional and mental development of children and young people.

Jenny Woods, Senior Lecturer at LJMU’s School of Education, explained: “Most students on the BA Learning, Development and Support degree are people who are returning to education after a long break in their formal learning and this course provides them with an opportunity to gain a degree and to fulfil their ambitions, without having to give up their employment.

“It is perfect for those who wish to develop their professional and academic skills but who are nervous about studying at degree level and who lack the qualifications to apply for other degree programmes. Many of our students simply want to gain a degree and improve their practice and some use this to progress to teacher training, social work and other professions.”

Two students currently completing the degree programme are David Howard and Reece Pickstock. Both are currently working full time in schools and feel the degree has provided them with a range of opportunities.

David commented: “I didn’t progress well during secondary school and never thought I would be able to complete a degree. I heard about LJMU’s Learning, Development and Support programme through a friend. I was really interested so I thought I would apply but I was very nervous about being a mature student and worried about juggling working part time and having two children and a newborn baby.

“The work was challenging and extremely interesting. I received so much support from my tutors who supported me and gave me advice on assignments and lesson plans; one tutor often sent me articles he thought I would be interested in. Now I have come to the end of my degree I have grown so much in confidence, thanks in part to my tutors and the knowledge I have gained from the lectures.

“I have applied and been accepted on to a Masters in Psychology for next year. This degree has quite literally changed my outlook on life and my own abilities.”

Reece added: “I really wanted to go university but I thought because I hadn’t done my A levels, I wouldn’t be able to. When I found the Learning, Development and Support course at LJMU I was excited because I realised I could go to university and also still be able to work in a school. One of the main reasons I love the course is that I’ve learnt the theory behind how children learn and develop, and I am now able to apply this to my professional practice and enhance my own development.

“This course has been amazing for me and has helped me both professionally and personally. The tutors have been incredibly supportive and many doors have opened for me since being on the course. I now know that I want to continue working in education.”

For more information about LJMU’s Learning, Development and Support degree programme, go to or call 0151 231 5340.