Top ten tips for Open Days

Liverpool Hope University’s team of Graduate Advocates – former Liverpool Hope students who help current applicants through the university recruitment process – give their top tips for attending a University Open Day.    

1.    Get the inside info: Most Open Days will have current or former students (like us!) on hand alongside tutors and support staff. They can give you honest, first hand opinions on courses and what it is like to live and study at the university, so make time to have a chat to them!

2.    Make a timetable (but don’t worry if it doesn’t go to plan): Look at the Open Day pages on the university’s website and decide what you want to see and who you want to speak to. If you don’t manage to make it to everything don’t worry – talks are often repeated and there should be plenty of ways to get in touch afterwards.

3.    Keep a record: Take pictures of the accommodation, the library facilities and buildings for your subject area, or make notes on your tablet or in a notebook so that you can remember as much as possible about your visit. It’s important to be able to imagine yourself living and studying there.

4.    Speak to other Open Day attendees: You are all in the same boat – find out what others have seen and what talks they would recommend. You don’t have to stick with people on the same subject – when you start university, you will find that you make friends across lots of different subjects. Maybe even team up on a tour of the campus. Its good practice for the first few weeks at Uni!

5.    Ask the tutors about their research interests: The research of university tutors informs their teaching, ensuring that courses are current. Find out what their specialisms are and if they are working on any new and exciting research. If you are interested in a particular aspect of your subject, let them know! You will be able to draw on their expertise when you pursue your final year research project or dissertation. It’s also useful to know this if you are thinking ahead about Postgraduate study.

6.    Find out what support is available: Open Days are not just about the subjects you will be studying. You should also get the chance to attend talks and speak to people from the finance, student wellbeing, accommodation, employability and disability support teams. Don’t forget to ask about additional financial support.

7.    Say hello to the Students’ Union (SU). The SU is your one stop shop for sports, clubs and societies. Whether rugby is your thing or if you prefer musical theatre, there is a club or society for everyone. You can even set up your own! The SU is also there to represent you – they are the voice of students and can take your ideas and suggestions to the university on your behalf.

8.    Take a break: There will be a lot of information to process, so take some time out in the dining facilities on campus or relax outside to take a breather, gather your thoughts and talk to friends and family about what you have seen and heard.

9.    See the city: Take time to explore life outside of the campus and see what is on offer -remember, you could be living there for four years or more depending on your course. Ask current students which places they would recommend.  Spending even just an hour looking around your prospective new city can help you make your mind up.

10.     Finally – remember that no question is too small! It is often the small things that stick in our minds – ‘where will my classes be?’ ‘Where is the nearest supermarket?’ This is your chance to ask those little questions that can make a big difference to your experience.  Prepare a list in advance of the key things that you want to know – and don’t be afraid to ask!

Liverpool Hope Open Days take place on: Wednesday 24th June 2015; Saturday 27th June 2015; Saturday 12th September 2015; Saturday 3rd October 2015; Saturday 24th October 2015. The Hope Park Campus will be open from 9am for Registration, with talks and tours taking place from 10am to 4pm. The Creative Campus will be open between 12 noon and 4pm.

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