Join The Virtual Super Choir!

Calling all teachers and support staff in the North WestThe Educate Awards is delighted to launch The Virtual Super Choir to celebrate the fantastic spirit currently being demonstrated to maintain education, learning and support for our young people. 

Following the great success of the ‘We Are All Stars’ single for Children in Need in 2018, the Educate Awards has teamed up again with Formby High and North Star Digital to create a virtual choir and come together in song during these uncertain times. 

As we celebrate and support the work of our heroes in educationwe are searching for teachers and support staff to sing David Bowie’s iconic hit ‘Heroes’. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a trained professional or you just like to sing in the shower, The Virtual Super Choir welcomes all abilities.  

This exciting collaboration is the first of its kind for education in the North West and we are excited to be leading the way! 

To get involved, follow these simple guidelines and get singing – the deadline to submit your videos is Wednesday 13 May! 

1. Listen to the DEMO TRACK – you will hear how the four parts fit together in the arrangement. 

2. Download the GUIDE TRACK that suits you best – there are four voice types to choose from– soprano, alto, tenor and bass. 

3. There are also PDF lyrics sheets and a music score too! Click here for the male lyric sheet, female lyric sheet or music score.

4. Listen to your GUIDE TRACK lots and really learn your part – please stick to the melody on the guide track – no improvising! 

5. Record a video of you singing your part on your phone or other device.

  • PLEASE listen to the guide track on headphones whilst singing/recording to make sure you sing in tune and in time – your video should only have your voice, no backing track.
  • RECORD in a quiet room – preferably without a booming echo or the cat meowing … or the central heating switching on! 
  • Make sure you DO NOT have a bright window or light source behind you – your video will not be sharp enough if you do! 
  • Position your phone/camera to film in LANDSCAPE mode. 
  • Try not to rustle papers whilst recording.  

6. Label your video file with your name and which part you are performing 

7. Email your video file to the Virtual Choir team at

We will then work the magic and mix all the audio tracks together with the backing track. You can then hear the final track on our YouTube channel later this term! 

Speaking about The Virtual Super Choir, Educate Awards founder Kim O’Brien, said: “We are firm supporters of the arts in schools and colleges and the idea of a virtual choir, especially during this time, felt so right in order to bring everyone together. 

“We are encouraging all members of staff to get involved and you don’t have to be a seasoned professional to take part.” 

Kim added: “A huge thank you to our friends at Formby High and North Star Digital who will be putting together the final track. We cannot wait to hear it!”. 

For more information and if you have any technical questions, email: